12th Annual Aerotow event report By Daryl Doyle

Well the weekend started with a gusty wet Friday night with the usual faces rolling into the field from lunch time till well after supper. Filling the car park and pit area with the prospects of lots of beautiful aircraft being flown over the weekend. Saturday morning woke  us with rain falling which hung around till late afternoon which slow us all down a little , but the time was used for good conversation and setting up models . A few brave souls competed in a bit of smitty spitty combat (foam combat spitfires)

and a few flights with some nitro slimers in the breezy conditions. As the day came to and end lots of happy pilot lined up for a roast chicken dinner and veggies followed by a huge passion fruit sponge for dessert.  Finally Sunday we had the break we were all waiting for, the day was overcast but light winds straight down the strip and beautiful smooth air above for what we all came for, aerotow !. Gary Ryan maiden his new Olympia 2b and his 1/3 scale Woodstock, which flew very well.

 Davey bell as had the opportunity to  maiden his Phoenix ASK21 6m with his up and go unit,

 with lots of other flying happing throughout the day, many flights kept the tow pilots busy ,

As evening fell some entertainment by Col Collier and his control line fleet was engaged putting on a great show slow line aerobatics. Very entertaining I must say.


 Pastries and hotdogs were put on by the amazing MMAC  committee members for lunch during the break in flying festivity’s then we all return to the flight line for another great afternoon session. Monday was a very similar day with wind straight down the strip and some wonderful flying conditions,  Dale Nicholls got to maiden a new build of his that he has been working on for three years  a beautiful vintage Spatz ( he just won’t sell it to me )

and jimmy houdalakis flew his enormous arcus all 8+ metres of her like the pro that he is , always beautiful to watch, 

 Paul Richardson entertained us with a fantastic flying display of his ash25 two seater with low level loops and low banked passes across the strip.

 Then on Tuesday (was there a horse race somewhere) we were all greeted with beautiful blue sky’s and a gentle breeze to which we all took to the sky’s as soon as the tugs where started.

Thermals where everywhere and everybody enjoying long numerous flights, then the sad part of the weekend with the reality of having to go back to work set in and the

packing up. The weekend was fantastic with lots of flying , laughs , great conversation and amazing facilities that where enjoyed by everyone. Big thank you to all of the people behind the scenes that make these weekends so good and successful.

Roll on iSoar Cobram 2020