By Jason Sagaidak

It all started one blustery Sunday (16/2/14) as a few diehards where sitting round the table in the club house discussing issues of the world and of course the weather, when Scott from Pro Hobby turned up and moseyed over to the club house with a rather large cheeky grin on his face and said, “Jase have I got a deal for you!”.  “Oh no this usually cost me money!” I replied.

Scott put on the table one of E-Flights new Carbon-Z Cub’s. I replied to Scott, “Mate its foam; I told you I’m not buying foam any more especially 85in of it, it will be crap!”

After all the lads had their look and a lot of umming and aaah’ing I decided to have a look myself.

Well I must say first impression was how neatly it was packed, further inspection (as I look with my hands and not just my eyes) I started to unpack the Carbon-z cub and was starting to get slightly impressed with its quality of foam moulding. The finish, for a foam model is really quite nice, good paint and really shiny smooth finish. E-Flight have done a really, really good job of this one.

Ok lets look at the electronics; and ok, it’s got a Spektrum DSM receiver in it, not really a fan of JR or Spektrum but hey each to his own and for many would be happy to see that in there. The servos are mini digital with metal gear that look to be installed pretty well. Scott pointed out that it had a tow release pre installed just needed to supply your own servo. Now one would think E-Flight could have put one in surely for the few bucks it cost them.

Motor and  ESC are of course E-flight and we all know that’s all pretty good quality.

Right-o Scott how much???

I Looked at the boys (Frank , Bruce , Chris) and said we could use it for the Little Park Zone K8’s , Scott said, “It would be perfect for that job”. “That’s what its been designed for!”. The lads said, “ you’ll have to buy a K8 too then!”.  “Yeah, all right then”, I replied. More Foam!

2We decided to form a syndicate and pay 1/4s, we paid Scott (Pro Hobby). I went and got my tools from the van and we started to build; well assemble the Carbon-Z Cub in the club house. An hour of assembly and we were ready to select a radio for it. The four of us have Futaba 14SG’s, so I put a futaba FASSTest  receiver in the cub. This way we could all use our own transmitter when each of us has a turn of towing.

1I programmed my radio to it first and then down loaded the file onto Bruce’s SD card to transfer the program to the other 3 Futaba 14SG’s. This worked really well even though one of the syndicate members is a mode 2 flyer.

I have to say, love the Futaba for this and it’s features on transmitter to receiver linking. No need to, what’s known as, re-bind just simply re link the transmitter back to the receiver without having to get to the receiver.

3As it was far too windy to test fly the new Carbon-Z Cub we had to wait till Monday after work. Bugger!!

You guessed it Monday was simply a picture perfect day not even a flutter of a leaf on a tree, Typical. All day at work, all I wanted to do was pack up and head down to the field to have a fly of the new Carbon-Z Cub.

At knock off time a quick TXT message to the Lads and we all met out at the field. The retired lads where already out there and their Park Zone K8’s at the ready.

4The Cub took 5min to assemble and she was ready for her maiden flight. I test flew the cub first up and decided not to deploy any flap for the take off, I have to say text book rollout, tail slowly raised and she sat there on her rather large wheels running down the runway waiting for me to lean on elevator. As I slowly leaned on elevator the wheels broke free from the runway and she climbed out at about 30deg angle at ½ power. A couple of clicks of up elevator and that was it. After 2 circuits I had to make my self land to give Frank his go. What can I say, it’s a Cub and they are a joy to fly slow, docile and scale.

5I decided to deploy flap for the landing as one would expect nice and slow magical touchdown and a perfection rollout. (Nothing to do with the pilot)

Ok, Frank’s turn. I turned off the receiver and transmitter and Frank turned on his transmitter got it into link mode and simply turned on the receiver after about 1 second he was ready to fly. Flight control check all ok so we put the same trim into his radio as mine and he was away.

Frank too performed a text book rollout and take off and of course he had a great flight as well. “She’s a rippa”, came from Frank as he touched down.  We had all cycled through having a turn. As Chris was the last one to have his test fly Frank put his Park Zone K8 behind the Carbon-Z Cub and here we go the aero tow test.

Chris took up the slack and then slowly applied power, what was to follow was the most graceful of K8 takeoffs followed by the Carbon-Z Cub lift off, both started to climb out ever so gently and gracefully. It simply looked really graceful. The late after noon air was simply magical, with not a breath of wind.

After Frank’s release, Chris pulled the power completely off and headed for the deck as we do with the tow planes and performed yet again a perfect landing, taxi back and then Bruce Hooked up his K8 all systems ready, “let’s go!”

Another awesome aero tow and flight.

7We threw another Battery into the Carbon-Z Cub and she was ready for the next round of aero tows.

Pulling up a chair in the shade of the pits, I watched for the rest of the afternoon as Chris played tow pilot for Frank and Bruce’s K8’s, it was most enjoyable to watch.

6While I was sitting watching the lads aero tow, I thought to myself, that for the price of a carbon prop from one of my other tow planes we could buy a complete ready to go Park Zone 2.25mtr K8 and have so much fun.

It really does go to show how little money one needs to put up to have a great afternoon of aero towing (don’t tell the wife I said that!). Sure the big expensive stuff is awesome (just a much higher level of awesome) and one can fly a lot higher, longer and faster but gee we sure had a lot of fun with foam K 8’s and an electric Carbon-Z Cub tow plane.

Thanks to Eflight, Parkzone,  Model Engines, Model Flight, Pro Hobby Great little package producing big fun.

Jason Sagaidak