MMAC Closure

Posted on Mar 27, 2020 in Event Reports, Front Page Article, Front page roundabout, News

VMAA Event Notification COVID-19 Alert Number 7 Closure of all Victorian Clubs   Hi All The current public health issues and the recommendations from the State and Federal authorities on allowable and recommended activities are for the wellbeing for all. The virus is a serious matter, and we all need to take appropriate action to help our clubs and communities to win the battle over the long term. As per Victorian State Government direction as of midnight 25 March 2020, all social sport-based activity was to cease. Based on this advice, the VMAA has no choice but in directing all clubs to close until further notice.  If any club member has any concerns with the above, you can contact this office via your club secretary. Please contact the VMAA Secretary by clicking the following link: Safe flying to all...

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MMAC COVID-19 Update

Posted on Mar 23, 2020 in Event Reports, Front Page Article, Front page roundabout, News

URGENT MMAC NOTICE: Due to the general Corona virus restrictions the club field is now closed to non-members and visitors until further notice.  Members are reminded to self-isolate and not attend the field if they have any symptoms of a flu like nature or as defined by the various Australian Federal and State Government Corona virus related information. This restriction is in line with advice from the MAAA and actions taken by individual model clubs. MMAC...

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Cobram Scale Aerotow 2019 – BACK ON

Posted on Oct 29, 2019 in News

URGENT UPDATE – MMAC cup weekend aerotow is back on!! Due to some significant help from CASA and tireless efforts of our president, MMAC has received a height clearance for this weekend so we can continue with the 12th iSoar aerotow.  To any who were looking to no longer come this weekend, please come, we will be able to have the event as planned. See you all there!!...

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Posted on Jun 12, 2014 in News

By Jason Sagaidak It all started one blustery Sunday (16/2/14) as a few diehards where sitting round the table in the club house discussing issues of the world and of course the weather, when Scott from Pro Hobby turned up and moseyed over to the club house with a rather large cheeky grin on his face and said, “Jase have I got a deal for you!”.  “Oh no this usually cost me money!” I replied. Scott put on the table one of E-Flights new Carbon-Z Cub’s. I replied to Scott, “Mate its foam; I told you I’m not buying foam any more especially 85in of it, it will be crap!” After all the lads had their look and a lot of umming and aaah’ing I decided to have a look myself. Well I must say first impression was how...

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Basic R/C Knowledge

Posted on Apr 22, 2013 in News

BASIC R/C KNOWLEDGE Part 1 By Jason Sagaidak ARF aircraft!!!!!!! Where do I start ?? As most who know me, know I’m not really fond of the cheaper line of ARF model kits and computer radios for beginners. “Why?” I here you ask. Although ARF kits have been good for the hobby they have been equally as bad. Yes they have probably gotten more people into the hobby and yes they are cheaper than building one from plans or scratch, and are certainly quicker to assemble. BUT  and it is a big BUT…….they have taken the skill and understanding away turning what was once known as aero modelling to simply production assembly. People are simply relying on the kit manufacturer in getting it right…with hardware , servo selection, assembly instructions and most important; centre of gravity (CofG). Apart from the basic...

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Education report

Posted on Feb 6, 2013 in General, News

  M.M.A.C Education Report 5/12/11 From the Vice President/Education officer                                                                                                                                                                                                             G’day Fellow model aero enthusiasts, The MMAC (Moira Model Aircraft Club) as a continuation from the Life to enrichment program with the Yarrawonga high school have initiated a learning program with the Yarrawonga primary school to teach any school kids wanting to have a go at aero modeling. This has been a long process orgnising and initiatiating.(12 months). Chris Graham & Jason Sagaidak had a meeting with the primary school and have now got a program worked out to accomidate both parties. This was then taken to our club meeting and was passed to proceed with. As a club we decided that we needed to become more professional and self reliant (as we are in the bush) we needed a large model inspector and some VMAA /...

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