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MMAC Open, with Caution

Posted on Mar 27, 2020 in Event Reports, Front Page Article, Front page roundabout, News

Hi all,Note that the MMAC field is now available with the Caution that All Current Covid-19 related restrictions to be taken (Note that these will (and do) change regularly.With the limits on the number of people at the field at any one time, we suggest that Members rather than guests use the field.Safe flying, 1.5 metres...

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iSoar Cobram 2019

Posted on Nov 20, 2019 in Event Reports

12th Annual Aerotow event report By Daryl Doyle Well the weekend started with a gusty wet Friday night with the usual faces rolling into the field from lunch time till well after supper. Filling the car park and pit area with the prospects of lots of beautiful aircraft being flown over the weekend. Saturday morning woke  us with rain falling which hung around till late afternoon which slow us all down a little , but the time was used for good conversation and setting up models . A few brave souls competed in a bit of smitty spitty combat (foam combat spitfires) and a few flights with some nitro slimers in the breezy conditions. As the day came to and end lots of happy pilot lined up for a roast chicken dinner and veggies followed by a huge passion fruit sponge for dessert.  Finally Sunday we had the break we were all waiting for, the day was overcast but light winds straight down the strip and beautiful smooth air above for what we all came for, aerotow !. Gary Ryan maiden his new Olympia 2b and his 1/3 scale Woodstock, which flew very well.  Davey bell as had the opportunity to  maiden his Phoenix ASK21 6m with his up and go unit,  with lots...

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Cobram Scale Aerotow 2019 – BACK ON

Posted on Oct 29, 2019 in News

URGENT UPDATE – MMAC cup weekend aerotow is back on!! Due to some significant help from CASA and tireless efforts of our president, MMAC has received a height clearance for this weekend so we can continue with the 12th iSoar aerotow.  To any who were looking to no longer come this weekend, please come, we will be able to have the event as planned. See you all there!!...

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MMAC Review article in RC Soaring Digest

Posted on Feb 20, 2015 in Event Reports

Andy Smith has had a wonderful event report published about the MMAC in RC Soaring Digest. To read the full article and check out all the images download the PDF file: RC Soaring Digest March...

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Cobram Cup Aerotow 2014

Posted on Feb 18, 2015 in Event Reports

After another great Cup weekend, I did a small write up of the weekend and collected a whole lot of images from various people: In its seventh year, the “I Soar Cobram” event has now grown to be the largest scale soaring event in Victoria and standing shoulder to shoulder with the largest events in Australia. Over the 4 days (and for some, 5 or 6), we get to see a range of scale sailplanes, tow planes, and this...

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Posted on Jun 12, 2014 in News

By Jason Sagaidak It all started one blustery Sunday (16/2/14) as a few diehards where sitting round the table in the club house discussing issues of the world and of course the weather, when Scott from Pro Hobby turned up and moseyed over to the club house with a rather large cheeky grin on his face and said, “Jase have I got a deal for you!”.  “Oh no this usually cost me money!” I replied. Scott put on the...

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